About us

The team comes with considerable amount of experience in digital currency initiatives that have helped organisations revolutionize their systems to create a win-win for everyone involved. With a collective experience of over 150 years in payments and high volume transactional system, and years long deep research and analysis, we are ready deliver end-to-end solutions for every essential use-case required to implement a fully functional CBDC ecosystem.

Experienced in running programmable digital currency network on private/permissioned blockchain network for reward programs, where consumers engage with the businesses in activities of reward points collection, redemption, conversion to other brands and gifting of points. Our successful PoC with airlines, banks and SMEs make us an A team for your organisation's CBDC and associated solution deployments.

Our Purpose

Technological innovation has been transforming the markets for retail payments over recent years, with many new payment methods and interfaces evolving to become faster, cheaper and safer. Central banks around the world are actively considering and experimenting different models of CBDCs to suit their country-specific requirements and align with the global CBDC outline.

We can help central banks, governments, banks and any other financial institutions fastrack their CBDC initiatives with our end-to-end financial technology solutions. We can quickly customise our approach to align with your organisation's objectives and needs and deliver a bespoke set of real-world solutions that will give insights into what to expect in a world with CBDCs.

Our team will be involved with every stakeholder in the financial ecosystem to ensure that they derive maximum know-how and benefits from the digital currency implementation. With our ready solution, we can help you to lower infrastructure cost, increase revenue, improve financial inclusion and elevate the user experience of financial transactions.

We have worked with banks and airlines on successful PoCs, assisting with every aspect of their reward currency exchange network initiatives- another form of digital currencies.
The KornX Digital Currency Network is equipped with every tool necessary for administration, tracking and reporting of CBDC implementation.

Some of the invaluable services we offer, include:

Digital Currency & Network PoCs - define PoC scope and deliver to run on KornX Sandbox environment

Digital Currency & Network Prototypes - help to build Central Bank's own Sandbox Environment and deploy the prototype

Digital Currency & Network Pilot Programs - roll out Pilot to limited number of users under scope

Digital Currency & Network Scale-up Implementation - implementation to support nation wide proliferation of Digital Currency

What we believe

The adoption of fiat digital currencies has the potential to empower every stakeholder in the economic ecosystem....

In today’s technology-driven global economy, central bank digital currencies have earned a well-deserved — and long overdue – role in the quest for economic growth and financial equality. Although we may be years or decades from a truly cashless society, consumers demand and deserve viable alternatives to traditional currency instruments.

We believe that central bank digital currencies help to forge open, safe and competitive economic systems. These systems have the potential to empower innovation, break down socioeconomic division, and forge truly equitable access to financial systems.

We also believe that, with the right digital currency infrastructure and technology solutions, central banks, governments and financial institutions can derive significant benefits from CBDC implementation. Those benefits include increased efficiency, revenue growth and the ability to provide an improved experience for customers and stakeholders.

To these ends, we have developed digital currency solutions that transform our aspirational concepts into reality. By introducing and implementing our financial technology solutions, we help our clients catalyze the imperative transformation from traditional currencies and legacy systems to fully operationalized CBDC and stablecoin platforms.

We know from experience that knowledge is power, particularly when it concerns matters of global economic import. Our extensive network of resources includes thought-leaders, subject matter experts and market-leading organizations. We bring the full extent of our resources to bear for our clients, assisting them in every aspect of the operationalization process. From conception and policy development through ongoing regulation and management, we deliver the real-world solutions that ensure your success in digital currency adoption.

Meet the team

The KornX team collectively has over 150 years of experience in financial service and payment technology

Animesh Ghosh
Founder & CEO

Industry thought leader and expert in Blockchain, AI and IoT solutions. 24+ years of experience in the field of technology implementation. Worked as Consulting Partner, Chief Payments Architect and higher, in global companies like Lloyds, RBS, HSBC, Wipro and Infosys.

Sergey Iglov

15+ experience in Security and Infrastructure across multi-vendor cloud providers. Delivered large scale infrastructure for the private/permissioned blockchain network to enable programmable digital currency network. Worked with large organisations like RBS, SAS etc.

Sibabrata Banerjee
Co-founder and CTO

A Computer Engineer by education and passionate about Blockchain technology,  has more than 2 decades of experience, covering a wide range of areas including System Architecture, Consulting, Systems Programming, System Integration and Project Management (SDLC)

Our partners

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